Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Our secondary windows and doors have all been designed to be strong, reliable, long-lasting and, especially, very discreet and unobtrusive when installed. They provide a multitude of benefits, some obvious, some less so. The major benefits of secondary double glazing can be split into four categories:

Thermal Insulation

Our standard secondary glazing substantially reduces the heat loss from single glazing and additionally they can be made even more energy efficient by:

  • specifying Low "E" heat reflective glass
  • glazing them with "A" Rated sealed units

Sound & Noise Insulation

Our secondary glazing specified for sound insulation achieves significant levels of noise reduction & sound proofing:
We use specialist laminated acoustic glass to maximise the noise reduction from all types of obtrusive noise, such as:

  • general street noise
  • traffic noise
  • aeroplane & airport noise
  • railway, station & train noise

So now you can enjoy your time at home without being disturbed by outside noise - and then get a good night's sleep!

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